Fire protection

East African leading Fire Safety Company. Utilizing the latest technologies in providing reliable installation and internationally compliant solutions in the most difficult and challenging environments.

 Auditing of Fire Safety Systems

  • Review of installation against the requirement of local and international fire codes, including assessment on conformance and compliance to the relevant standards.
  • Audit the fire protection system to ensure it conforms to and complies with international fire codes as well as other relevant standards.
  • Carry out performance testing for the fire safety system.
  • Statutory inspections and issuing of conformance certificate.

Risk Assessment

Our experienced team of fire experts in risk assessment will explain in detail the potential risks surrounding your business.

  • Assessment of the level of compliance against the minimum fire safety requirements as contained in the applicable regulations and standards.
  • Identification of fire hazard, fire hazard assessment and evaluation
  • Analysis of the costs to your business should you fall short of the minimum requirements.
  • Rational fire design and emergency plan to make your business premises safer, by mitigating risks associated with starting and spreading of fire thus protecting human life and property.

Design & Installation Design

Supply and installation of the fire protection and safety systems to BS and NFPA codes requirements.

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Foams and Dry powder systems
  • Alarm management & Alarm monitoring solutions
  • Fire Hydrants and Hose reels
  • Voice Evacuation and Public Address systems.
  • Exit & Emergency Lightings
  • Clean Agent suppression systems
  • Fire Doors, & Smoke curtains
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Stopping/Fire Proofing Materials Fixed and Mobile Fire extinguishers
  • Intumiscent fire protection coating, vanish and paints


The readiness and reliability of the system to operate correctly and at optimum performance require a proper maintenance regime. Compliances to the relevant legislation, insurance requirements and manufacturer guidelines demands maintenances to be carried out at specific time intervals. In addition to ensuring safe operation of the equipment/system, keeping your system in good condition reduces expenses by preventing costly false alarms and unforeseen emergency repairs,

  • Periodic maintenance
  • Repair and Servicing
  • Statutory Testing and calibration

Inert Gases

 Inert gases are 100% eco-friendly and naturally available in the air. They are not toxic, and release neither dangerous substance when in contact with fire nor residues post discharge. Very safe, with no fogging on releases, and therefore visibility is not impaired

  • IG-0 1 Argon, IG-100 Nitrogen, IG-55 Blend: 50% Argon- 50%
  • IG-541 Blend: 50% Nitrogen,42% Argon and 8% Carbon Dioxide


A complete range of Chemical agents currently available on the market, at a variety of working pressures between (25 bar and 42 bar)

  • FM200 (HFC 227)

 Most widely used Halon alternative clean agent; with Zero ozone depletion potential. This is very effective media in extinguishing Class A, Class B and Class C fires in seconds.

  • NOVEC 1230 (FK 5112)

The Next Generation Halon alternative; Balances human safety with environmental responsibility; Zero ozone depletion potential; Global warming potential of one; 5-day atmospheric lifetime .It suitable to protect high value assets, such as aerospace, aviation, military, marine, archives and museums, data centers and telecommunications.

Automatic Modular Systems

These systems are for  small enclosed volumes, and deployed in those areas which would have made the Uses of normal fixed fire suppression systems complicated and inadequate. They offers great versatility in the applications and are normally suited for: electrical cabinets & shafts, telecommunication racks, MCC panels, CNC machine Available with with Carbon Dioxide , HFC-227, Nitrogen or Aerosol and is actuated by

  • Polymer Detection tube
  • Thermo sensor
  • Extinguishing panel with smoke detection and alarm system.

 Kitchen Hood Suppression System

 Kitchen environments are among those with the highest risk of Fire. The kitchen provides an environment for rapidly growth of fire into an uncontrollable inferno. The system come with sophisticated polymer tubing installed within the hoods providing linear detection all along the cooking area, with nozzles located above each cooking appliance. The agent used for this application  is an eco-friendly  aqueous  Solution  with quick biodegradability, non-corrosive to the kitchen equipment, safe for humans and easy to clean up after discharge.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems

  • HPCO2

High Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems utilize carbon dioxide stored as a liquid in cylinder assemblies ,pressurized to 850 psi (58.6 bar) at 70°F (21°C

  • LPCO2

Low Pressure CO2 systems consist of insulated ASME VIII pressure vessel units, steel outer shell, integrated refrigeration unit, ASME safety relief and bleeder valve(s), and liquid level and pressure gauges. Available in 1.13 to 34.47 metric ton.

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