Data Center

We design and implement Data Center solutions, as well as offering maintenance and technical
support services. Our designs maximize system efficiency and provide flexibility for clients to
seamlessly integrate or migrate to future technologies.

We design and implement data centers around a growth and expansion strategv. taking into account
ever-changing technological landscape, trends and innovations. The continued growth of the IoT
(Internet of Things), the rising volume of digital traffic, and the increasing adoption of
cloud-based applications have shaped the wav we plan and implement the Data Centers.
We manage entire turn-key projects including planning, design, engineering and construction of your
data centers and computer rooms.

Whether you are expanding, relocating, upgrading, installing a new system or operating existing
one, Galilea shall provide vou with comprehensive services .

Desin, Engineering and Implemenation.

We have highly trained team of technicians and Engineers with excellent technical, organizational
and management capabilities to deliver secure, efficient and cost-effective network infrastructure
solution for Data Centers, Computer Rooms and Mission Critical Facilities.

We integrate your objectives, current technologies and future demands into a design package to
develop a solution which is compliant to international standard, cost effective and meets with the
needs of your organization.

Our project delivery process consist of conceptual design, risk assessment, detail design,
construction, commissioning services and pr

As an individual system or as a part of an ov infrastructure management we offer manage and
maintenance of the following:

• Uninterruptible power supply and Batterie
• Diesel/Gas Generators
• Power distribution
• Power management
• Advanced IT solutions
• Cooling Solutions
• Fire Safety and Protection systems
• Enclosure and Racks
• Server Access and Control

We are at forefront of data center industry knowledge with up to date technology. We install and
service most of the major brands of HVAC, Power distribution equipment, UPS, Diesel/Natural Gas

Our well-managed and organized Data Center maintenance plan shall ensure a continuous availability
of your Data center including Extended life of your installed equipment thus limiting downtime.

We provide training on the equipment and provide on-going maintenance service options on all
equipment, including spare parts.

Our maintenance practices meet or exceed the manufacturer‘s recommendations. Our comprehensive
inspections focus on early detection of problems, as well as immediate replacement of suspicious
components. In an instance of system failure we will aggressively and rapidly respond with the
right personnel and the right material to restore the equipment back up immediately.

We offer preventive maintenance and Emergence response on the following equipment:
• Power Distribution system: Changeover switches, Control panels and distribution units
• Uninterruptible Power System supply : Static and Rotary UPS
• Diesel Generator Fuel cleaning
• Diesel Generator services
• HVAC/Cooling: DX and Chilled Water systems, Inrow system , Inrack systems, Perimeter cooling
systems, Fresh air and pressurization units
• Monitoring, Automation, supervisory and management systems
• Fire suppression Systems: FM200, Inergen, Novec 123, IG 55, IG100, IG541 and other Clean Agents
gas extinguishing systems.
• Electronic Security Systems

Our preventive maintenance program will provide you with the following information
• Equipment information
• Equipment trending
• Service call history, both open and closed
• Pre maintainance

Some of
Our Clients

We possess expertise within the IT and Engineering elds, including a pool of experienced high skilled technicians and engineers, quali ed to carryout design, installation, project management and auditing of Fire safety systems, ICT ,Electrical, electronics systems and infrastructures